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I have always been conscientious with mammograms and pap smear tests so I believe if bowel cancer testing had been brought to my attention; I would have done it too.

My husband and I are in our early sixties and bowel cancer testing had never been mentioned to us through our family doctor and we had not been sent testing kits. At the time, inclusion in the testing kit program was based on your year and date of birth so we had both missed out. And since we had no history of bowel cancer in our families, it was never on my radar.
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"Whilst I have a way to go before I can say I'm cancer free, I reckon things are looking pretty rosy."
Back in October 2014, I received what I now refer to as my "gift pack" for turning 50 from the Victorian Government.

I decided to visit my GP to discuss the kit in more detail. I had experienced intermittent rectal bleeding along with loose bowel movements so my GP organised a colonoscopy to determine the health of my bowel. During the procedure a low rectal polypoid was discovered and a subsequent biopsy confirmed a cancerous tumour.
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I originally noticed rectal bleeding in March 2009. At the time I was 27 years old. After a couple of days of blood in my stool I booked an appointment with a local GP. Several days later I attended the GP appointment and the Doctor performed a rectal exam. The Doctor advised me all was fine in the rectum, and said the bleeding was probably the result of hemorrhoids. I was, however, referred to a specialist for a colonoscopy to make sure. I sat on the referral for a week or two and then booked in the colonoscopy.
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A change of diet is what Darren's specialist advised him to undertake, despite a decade of unusual bowel habits and bleeding.
After so many years living with unusual bowel habits, I had come to think of it as pretty normal. I did go to see a specialist early on who examined me but just told me I needed to change my diet.
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Event Description: Experience the excitement of running through three of Melbourne's favourite venues at dusk: Melbourne Zoo, Princes Park and the Tan.

These iconic Melbourne locations will be transformed with a selection of great food, live music, Sunset Bar and areas to sit down and relax after your run. Just some of the many reasons why this is one of Melbourne's favourite running events.

Grab your friends, make a night of it and celebrate running in style.

Website: http://events.solemotive.com/sunset-series/ 

Event location: Princes Park, 200-590 Royal Parade, Carlton North VIC 3054 

Event’s fundraising URL: http://sunsetseries.everydayhero.do/ 

Event registration: https://app.realbuzzregistrations.com/events/sole-motive/sunset-series-2018/login/?next=%2Fevents%2Fsole-motive%2Fsunset-series-2018%2F 

Please Note: Bowel Cancer Australia is not involved in the organising, running or managing of this listed event/activity and is not responsibile for the listings made by community fundraisers.

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